We opened the our natural wine bar, called 'Murci' on our estate!

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our natural wine bar

We opened the first natural wine bar in Hungary, called Murci on the 18th April, on Szent György-hegy, Bencze Birtok.

Our offer is in addition to our own, you could taste wines from foreign growers as well who share the same philosophy with us, bold and experimental dishes balancing on the edge between traditional and contemporary Hungarian cuisine and great selection of our favorite vinyls!

What's gonna come out of it? It's completely unpredictable ... but this is the way we like it!

Opening hours in the following period (June and July):

27-28-29 June 15:00-0:00
4-5-6 July 15:00-0:00
11-12-13 July 15:00-0:00
18-19-20 July 15:00-0:00
25-26-27 July 15:00-0:00