Pinot Noir 2015

For red wines we harvested Pinot Noir in September 2015. The clusters have been crushed and destemmed and let to spontaneously ferment in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. Then a small portion of the wine was aged for five months in 500 liter barrels. From the start in the cellar, we have kept each harvest day in different vessels in order to make the perfect blends. We have chosen five to compose this wine.

Tasting notes

Light and gratifying red with a burst of fruit aromas and delicate earthy notes. Pure Pinot Noir!


100 % Pinot Noir

Alcohol 13 v/v%
Dry extract 25 g/l
Titriable acidity 5 g/l
Total sulfur dioxide content 60 mg/l

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Price: 3,500 Ft Order